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About Washim

Washim is a small town in the Vidharbh region of Maharashtra, which is gaining developmental speed after being declared the headquarter of newly formed district Washim in 1998. Alike the most of Indian cities a few about 250 Sindhi families are living at Washim city.

Washim Sindhi Population

Sindhi Population of Washim, Maharashtra is less than 3,000 [Three Thousand]. Most of Sindhi families lives at Sindhi Colony though a few have shifted to IUDP colony & other areas of city. Kirana, Cloth & Readymade Garment trade is the principal & traditional business of Sindhis of Washim. In the recent times Sindhi  youth has also entered in the trading of Mobile Handset, Computer Sales Service, Footwear, School & Travel bags and many more products. 

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Shopping At Washim Famous Sindhi Shops & Showrooms

If you are looking for shopping here are few featured outlets from city.

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Famous Sindhi

dularam_basantwani gurbaksh_ramwani puran_badlani ramesh_nenwani vasumal_ratnani
Dularam Basantwani 8805008058 - Gurbakshrai Ramwani 9404094423 - Puranmal Badlani 9422160969 - Rameshlal Nenwani 9423430910 - Vasumal Ratnani - Anandkumar Keswani - Anil Basantwani - Bhimkumar Jivnani - Brijlal Nenwani - Dhanomal Jivnani - Dharmendra Keswani - Dilip Keswani - Gokulchand Jivnani - Kanhaiyalal Chandwani - Lakshmandas Ratnani- Lalchand Badlani - Prakash Ratnani - Raman Vanjani - Ramdas Chandwani - Shankar Govindram Jivnani - Shankar K Jivnani

Sindhi Shan : Washim

These are the Sindhi personalities of the city who brought moment of pride for entire Sindhi community of the city. They might be a renowned social worker, a professional, a successful businessmen or even Sindhi youth. Click Here for individual Information .....

gokuldas_jivnani brijlal_nenvani bhimkumar_jivnani bhavandas_jivnani parmanand_nebhnani

Sindhi Professional

nenwani_sona_fs jivnani_kapil_fs chandnani_rakesh_fs
Sindhi Doctors :: Dr Kapil Jivnani - Dr. Sawalkumar Vanjani - Dr. Sona Nenwani 9960498495 CA & Advocates  :: Adv. Rakesh Chandnani 9822545400 Engineers & Architects :: LIC Agents  :: Marriage Bureau :: Photo & Video Shooting ::

Sindhi Panchayat Washim

Actually at present officially no Sindhi Panchayat is functional at Washim as most of social needs and problems of Sindhis are being looked by two institutions. To know more please visit Washim Sindhi Institutions Page

Sindhi Dharamshala Washim

This may be noted that at Washim you are not going to get tourist stay facility at Sindhi Dharamshala.

Other Sindhi Institutions at Washim

Among the few other social institutions of Sindhi of Washim one important one is
Badlani Cheritable Trust [Reg. No. E250/Akola]
This trust was founded by Lalchand Narumal Badlani [7588758716] and Presently Puranmal Lalchand Badlani [9422160969] is working as President, all the trustees belongs to Badlani family. Trust is taking care of Shri Jhulelal Mandir constructed at Sindhi Colony.

The Sindhu World Directory Washim

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App

Last Updated 10 April 2016