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Partition & Sindhi in India

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Partition & Sindhi in India :: S.P.Sir

sindhi01The most significant year of the modern Sindhi history is 1947, the year of partition, the year of division of one culture, one way of life style, customs and traditions. In 1947 British decided to give independent status to our nation, but not before making two countries of the same. This division was made on the wrong footings of religious population, hence several thousands of Hindus were forced to leave behind not only their established business but also the immovable wealth collected by the hard work of many past generations, all these Hindus were forced to have the status of refugee as they migrated to Free India from the various regions, specially from Sindh & Punjab provenance of Pakistan.

Though almost all the leaders of the All India Congress Party especially Mahatma Gandhi appealed people not to leave their places as according to him it was division among the brothers hence across the newly laid border people can enjoy every right and comfort, they were having before the partition. Unfortunately things don’t work according to ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and in the provenance of Sindh & Punjab of newly formed Pakistan; Hindus were forced to leave for India. We Sindhis also belong to those several thousands. We have the only option of leaving behind, the land of saints, sufis, and our kingly status and start our life again from zero.

As from the very beginning we Sindhis are known for our business skills, hence we always lack behind in the political leadership, In 1947 it has affected our community very adversely, as at that time due to our poor political leadership, Non existence of sindhi state in free India, Improper way of accommodating migrated Sindhis by Government of India, resulted in the formation of worlds most scattered community Sindhi. The migrated Sindhi were accommodated in 96 refugee colonies; you might be surprised to know that still theses places are not regular colonies but are the refugee colonies. For the 2009 elections Shri L K Advani, a sindhi politician is Prime Ministerial candidate of B J P but can we say that we Sindhis are with able and effective political leadership? This is a question searching for its answer.

My self & younger sindhi generations, who are born & brought up in India after 1947, can’t realize and feel the anguish and distress of our elders but only imagine it, To migrate to unknown land, leaving behind all the wealth to restart the life almost from zero is just that of the separation of branch of giant tree and get rooted in another soil. We all know all such branches never gain the status of tree and most of them die before. The same thing is happening with us, as our customs and traditions are on the way vanishing from our life.

In India, We the Sindhis who are playing an important role in the economy, business and educational fields, [In many cities, in all some hundred educational institutions are managed and run with the aid from the sindhi community] are not taken in consideration by any political party because only of our scattered population. If we leave Ulhasnagar, all most in all other Lok Sabha areas, Sindhi population is not enough to have an effect on the poll results.

Let from this moment, we should start to think about our political status, don’t you get heart on listing word Migrant for your self, you, a person born and brought up in India, surely your answer will be affirmative. This is because since 1947 we are thinking only about of gaining the same wealthy status of our forefathers and concentrating only on business, forgetting about all other things. Awake! Awake! Dear, If still be remain passive surely it will become destiny of our coming generations to listen word "Migrant" for them. I suggest the following action plan to raise the status our community not only in India but also in the other parts of the globe.

1] All the Sindhis must keep commercial activities closed on the Cheti Chandu, the New Year Day of Sindhi community. Remember others will respect your mother only if you respect her.

2] Every Sindhi must write a letter to President asking him to include Cheti Chand in the list of National holidays like the Parasi New Year Day.

3] On Cheti Chand procession of Bahrana Sahib should be compulsory taken out in all cities, at least in the cities where population of Sindhis is in four figures. The rout of this procession must cover all the major roads of the city and all the Sindhis must participate in this.

4] As in India our population is around the two percentage of total population and we don’t have our own Sindhi state, hence like the Anglo Indian Community, Provision should be made for nominating members for the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha of every state by President and Governor respectively for this we must demand at least 5% seats of total seats.

5] Business houses should come forward to sponsor cultural activities in the various cities. Programs like the Youth trips can be arranged with the help of various social and educational institutions.