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Baba Gopaldas

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Biography : Sant Baba Gopaldas

babagopaldas01I recall in one of my rotary article, I have written that Buddha was telling to a common person to keep one’s behavior such that other people start imitating it, this is the easiest way of becoming saint. The person, we are going to read about whom, was the living example for Buddha's saying. He was neither a priest or founder of any religious panth. His life is the story of emergence of a common people as one the most accepted Sant of Sindhi Samaj.

Sant Baba Gopaldas was born in the Kambar village of Sindhi province, which after the partition become part of Pakistan. From early childhood he was devotee of the Kambar Darbar and was disciple of Guru Vishandas Sahib. A phrase which was often listened by the people who came in the contact of Gopaldas ji was Ram Tumhara Bhala Kare [May God do good for you] He was engaged in the worship of Guru and God to such extent that he forget about the marriage of his two daughters, but Guru Vishandas Sahib ji kept that in mind and at proper time arranged their marriage with Prabhdas and Paramand. In the future the duo became famous as the Son- in-laws of Kambar Darbar.

After the partition Kambar Darbar was shifted to Kandivili the suburb of Mumbai, while Shri Gopaldas and his family shifted to Gandhinagar Kolhapur. Here he found Bhai Sanmukhdas Darbar, where he used to listen and perform the Satsang. He was the first person in the village who started the early morning procession with Ram Dhun . Slowly and gradually people started listing his Satsang and as they found it meaningful hence the number of followers starts gaining numbers. It was his style of meditation that fetched him, to extend his reach up to God.

According to him not only doing but even thinking bad about others is sin so we must avoid it. We must try to distribute happiness among others and keep our self busy in the worship of the God, who mercifully created this world for us. If you facing series of sorrows don’t panic, the coin will turn surely and all the sorrow will become the pleasure. If the God has given you these unhappy moments, he is bound to bring happiness in your life.

this was morning of 29th January 1972 when dispels of Baba Ji found his motion less body and around 8 O’clock when doctor was summoned he found non functional pluses and declared that Baba ji left the body for heavenly abode. Preparations for the crimination were started but a miracle was still left, a happening was to take place, against the all set norms of the medical science. A person, whose heart beats were stopped almost two hours back was back to life. Baba Gopaldas slowly get up from the death bed as one awakes from the bed in the morning.

He asked gathered devotees to clean a place with Gow mutra and cow dung and with the help of some others sit before the photos of his Guru and other Gods. After being some time in the status of meditation Baba ji expressed will of laying down at that cleaned place and narrated about the end of his journey. Devotees of Baba ji constructed a temple “Baba Gopaldas Mandir” in the heart of city at Gandhinagar.

Today this temple is among the most prominent temples of the city not only this but “Gopal Swami Trust” and “Datta Kurpa Trust” are functional to help the poor and needy people. We never forget the words “Ram Tumhara Bhala Kare”.