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About Kolhapur

Kolhapur is the historic city located in south west Maharashtra, in the ancient times Kolhapur was known as south Kashi as city is abode of Goddess Mahalaxmi considered one among the three and half Shakti Peethas of Maharashtra. visit www.kolhapurworld.com  for history, tourist spots, markets etc of Kolhapur city.
Gandhinagar is the suburb of Kolhapur city located hardly 7-8 km from the city heart. Geographically Gandhinagar is in the Karveer Taluka Of Kolhapur District Of Maharashtra State Of India. Gandhinagar [Kolhapur] is one of the biggest wholesale market [business centre], in south west Maharashtra, developed by sindhi community, when after 1947 they were asked to live on this unknown , undeveloped land Valivade, near the Kolhapur city.
Today retailers not only from the district but also from the adjoining districts of Sangli , Satara , Solapur , Ratnagiri , Sindhudurg [Maharashtra state] Belgaum , Bijapur , Hubli [ Karnataka state] and from entire Goa State of India are depending upon Gandhinagar Market for their requirements of Suiting Shirting Cloth, Readymade Wears, Sarees & Dress Materials, Handloom & Hosiery , Gift Articles, Furniture, Nightwear, Under Garments & even Electronic Consumer Goods.
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Kolhapur Sindhi Population

Sindhi population of Gandhinagar Kolhapur Maharshtra is Approx. 30,000 [Thirty Thousand]. About 22,000 Sindhi lives at Gandhinagar [Valivade] while more than 8,000 Sindhis have their residential place in the Kolhapur city in various regions like Tarabai Park, Rajarampuri, Shivaji Park, Ruikar Clony, Market Yard etc..

List of Famous Sindhi from Kolhapur

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Shri Amarlal Nirankari
Shri Ashok Tahliyani
Shri Bhajanlal Dembda
Shri Baksharam Darda
Shri Balram Sevlani
Shri Dayaldas Chandwani
Shri Deepak Hirani
Shri Dilip Chandwani
Shri Govaldas Kattar 
Shri Gyan Narsinghani

Shri Hardas Chandwani
Shri Hareshlal Chandwani
Shri Hariram Sevlani
Shri Ishwar Lalwani
Shri Jaidev Rupani
Shri Jethanand Motwani
Shri K H Dembani
Shri Khanchand Panjwani
Shri Khiyal Daryani
Shri Lachhiram Hinduja
Shri Lalchand Chhabria

Shri Mahendra Jasuja
Shri Mahesh H Chawla
Shri Narumal Narsinghani
Shri Premkumar Jasuja
Shri Prem Lalwani
Shri Ram Jeswani
Shri Rameshbhai Tanwani
Shri Rameshlal Lalwani
Shri Sunder Kalani
Shri Shankarlal Dulhani

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Sindhi Shan – Kolhapur

Sindhi personalities of  Gandhinagar Kolhapur who can be considered as the glittering jewels of Sindhi community of Gandhinagar Kolhapur . CLICK HERE 

Names included under Sindhi Shan Kolhapur are
Dr. G H Narsinghani
Shri Rameshlal Tanwani
Shri K H Dembani
Vandana Nirankari


Dr. Chetan Jumrani
Dr. Dhanraj Karira
 Dr. G H Narsinghani
Dr. G.K.Batheja
 Dr. Laxman Kukreja
Dr. Naresh Vasvani -BDS
 Dr. Vijay Hirani

gh_narsinghani1Dr. G H Narsinghani

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C A & Advocates

Murli Panjwani [CA]
Shankar Rochlani [CA]
Suraj Makhija [CA]
Adv. Nitin Basantani
Adv. Rajkumar Ganwani
Adv. Sham Sachdev
Adv. Subash Hinduja
Adv. Suresh Khattar 

sham_sachdevSham Sachdev

Sindhi Panchayat Gandhinagar Kolhapur

Central Panchayat Gandhinagar  [Details]
Kolhapur Sindhi Samaj [Details]

Sindhi Dharamshala at Gandhinagar Kolhapur

Central Panchayat Dharamshala Gandhinagar
Room Booking : 0231-2611172

Other Sindhi Institutions at Gandhinagar Kolhapur

Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha 
Sindhu Education Society (Details)
Sindhu Nagari Pat Sanstha 
Uday Education Society [Details]

The Sindhu World Directory – Gandhinagar Kolhapur

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Sindhi Press

“Sindhu Star” (Weekly) Editor & Publisher: Nand Balchand Thakur
thakur_nandBorn on 20 April 1974 in religious family of Shri Balachand Thakur, Nand Thakur went to Gandhinagar High School and completed his education as the Vivekanand College. Besides being Editor of Sindhu Star he is in real estate business also.

Sindhi Press

Ashok Namomal Thakur
thakur_ashokHe is a photographer by profession and works as the local reporter and freelance journalist for some of leading Marathi daily news papers such as Lokmat Samachar, Sakal and Pudhari

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