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Sant Yudhishtar Lal

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Biography : Sant Yudhishtar Lal : Shadani Darbar Raipur

sant_yudishtarlal Sant Yudhishtar lal ji one among the young and famous Sindhi saints of India. Shadani Darbar is among the one of the oldest Darbars of the Sindh, situated at Hayat Pitafi, Taluka Mirpur Mathelo, Dist. Ghotki, Sindh. This was the popular routine of Sindh to have Darbar at almost every village which was looked after by a religious persons or a famous Sant.

Sant Yudhishtarlal is the present Gadesar of Shadani Darbar, which is now at Raipur in Chhattisgarh state of India. Sant Yudhistarlal was born as the son of previous master Swami Gobind Ram Sahib ji mahraj on 13 December 1962. In the year 1969 when he was just six year old Swami Gobindram Ram Ji decided to settle in India and Shadani Darbar at Raipur was constructed.

Early education and childhood of Sant Yudhistarlal was spent at Raipur, from where he went to Pass M.Com. On the 17 July 1991 he got married with Deepika daughter of Shree Reloo Ram Bharti from Jalna, Maharashtra.

Being in company of father Swami Gobindram Sahib Ji, Yudhistarlal learns lessons of service and spirituality in tandem. He went on to develop a sweat, calm and co-operative nature. With strong will power and positive attitude he always served the Darbar and devotees as a humble servant of Darbar.

This was about four days before leaving for Brahmkhand, Swami Gobindram Sahib ji decided to transfer his spiritual powers to Sant Yudhistarlal and elevate him to Guru Gadi of Shadani Darbar. Swami Ji left the material world on 22nd April 2003 and as per their will on monday, 5th May 2003 Sant Yudhishtar Lal took charge of Darbar.

Previous Eight Gadesars of Shadani Darbar are :

1. Sant Shadaram Sahib

2. Sant Tulsidass Sahib

3.Sant Takhatlal Sahib

4.Sant Tansukhram Sahib

5. Poojiya Mata Hassidevi

6. Sant Manglaram Sahib

7. Sant Rajaram Sahib

8. Sant Gobindram Sahib