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Sindhi Festivals



Sindhi Festival Dates

Sindhi youth should take note of it that Sindhi Calender [Tipano] is based on Lunar year where as the Georgian calendar is based on the solar year, so dates of Sindhi festivals varies from year to year. Additional month [Dharmau Mahino] of Sindhi calender is also a reason for this date change.  

Sindhi Festivals 
There are enough historical evidences for supporting the fact that sindhi civilization is one among the oldest human civilization and thus sindhi community posses a very rich, clearly distinct and signatory cultural heritage which often gets its expression in the form celebration of festivals. Sindhis are known for the celebrating festivals with full enthusiasm and peculiar style of celebration which often gets fused with music & folk dance along with other performing art.
Sindhi community is also renowned for holding religious and social community events, which are held at community hall (Panchayat / Dharamshala building). Like the other Hindus, Sindhis also have tradition of keeping fast on Gyaras, Satnarayan and Ganesh Choith (Sankashti).
This might be the influence of Ramzan, fasting month of Islam, that in the era prior to birth of Jhulelal, Hindus gathered on the banks of river Sindhu and prayed water God for rescuing them from the Mirik Shah, Muslim invader of Sindh. This forty days prayer session lasted with Aakashwani about the birth of Jhulelal. During all these forty days food was taken only once in a day and all lived very simple life. This tradition is kept in continuation in the form of Chaliho Sahib, annual religious festival of sindhi community.
Adoptive attitude has helped Sindhis to add a few Hindu festivals like, Ganshoutsav, Basant Panchami, Ram Navami, Navratara, Durga Ashtami & Tulsi Vivah, to the list of sindhi festivals.

Cheti Chandu, birthday of Jhulelal (also celebrated as Sindhi New Year Day) is the most important sindhi festival and sindhi festival calendar starts with this. Do remember that there is difference between the yearly time span of Sindhi Tipano and Gregorian calendar so this is quite possible that a sindhi festival may be celebrated in two different months. Probably Lal Loi is the only sindhi festival which is always celebrated in the same month of January, most of times on 13th day of month.



Sindhi Festival Calendar

Younger sindhi generations are more familiar with Gregorian (English) calendar so for their easiness we are giving month wise list of sindhi festivals (Year 2016). Here is Sindhi Festival Calendar (month wise) List of Sindhi / Hindu festivals for year 2016 Just click on festival name to go to individual associated page.



List of Sindhi Festivals 2017

13 Jan : Lal Loi
14 Jan : Makar Sankrsnt
01 Feb : Basant Panchmi
24 Feb : Shivratari
12 Mar : Holi
13 Mar : Dhudiyo
29 Mar : Cheti Chand
04 Apr : Ram Navami
11 Apr : Hanuman Jayanti
29 Apr : Akhan Teej
09 Jul : Guru Purnima
14 Jul : Gogio [Nag Panchmi]
07 Aug : Raksha Bandhan [Rakhi]
10 Aug : Teejadi [Karvachoith]

List of Sindhi Festivals 2017

13 Aug : Thadadi
14 Aug : Janmashtami
28 Aug : Ganesh Chaturthi 
29 Aug : Mahalaxmi Ho Sagaro Badhanu
05 Sep : Anant Chaturthi
05 Sep : ShradhShuru
13 Sep : Mahalaxmi Jo Sagaro
19 Sep : Sarv Pitra Umas
21 Sep : Navratra Shuru
30 Sep : Dashera Vijayadashmi
17 Oct : Dhan Teras
19 Oct : Diyari – Deepavali
28 Oct : Gop Ashtami
04 Nov : Gurunanak Jayanti
30 Nov : Geeta Jayanti