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Swami Raj Prakash

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Biography : Swami Raj Prakash

Surat Ramnagar Ashram : Swami Raj Prakash Maharaj

rajprakashSwami Raj Prakash Ji Maharaj are the most popular and young face who leads the younger generation of saints of Prem Prakash Mandal.

Swami Raj Prakash Ji were born on 27th March 1967 in Delhi as the son of Mayadevi & Muralidhar. In the childhood he was named as Rajkumar and till the date of Sanyas Diksha was famous as Raju or Sant Rajuram. Both the parents were great devotees and followers of Prem Prakash path, they used to visit regularly Prem Prakash Ashram at Delhi. Here, child Raju came in contact of Swami Jai Prakash Ji Maharaj and soon become the most affectionate kid of Swami Ji. Rajkumar was also impressed with life style of Swami Jai Prakash Ji and started dreaming to become like them.

In the year 1982, at age of 15 years only Rajkumar was honored to be inducted in to Prem Prakash Mandal as Saint at the Amrapur Asthan, most sanctified place of panth in India. This proved to be turning point of his life as in the years to come he had not only served at various Prem Prakash Ashrams like Jaipur, Haridwar etc. but also come in contact of Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash Ji Maharaj, from whom he learned Hindu Shastra and Vedanta.

Rajkumar, know famous as Sant Rajuram, went on completing his education to become Sanskrit Acharya (equivalent to Post Graduation). First year of new centaury brought yet another mile stone achievement for Sant Rajuram as he was assigned Ashram duty at Prem Prakash Dharam Tirth Ashram Baroda, where he came in close contact of Swami Ashok Prakash Ji Maharaj, from whom in the year 2005, he took Sanyas Diksha and went on to be known as Swami Raj Prakash.

From the year 2001 to 2009, the nine years spent by him at Baroda ashram has proved feeding and fertile ground for the development of his personality and progress on the spiritual path. From the Swami Ashok Prakash Ji Maharaj, he learned practical lessons of importance of simplicity in life and effective ways of communicating and guiding masses for spiritual progress in very simple language. Weekly Saturday Satsang, dedicated to Swami Teoonram and monthly celebration of Janam Choith helped him to learn more and more about the life of first master of the panth. This helped him to develop his own style of communicating with devotees and disciples of Prem Prakash Mandal, visiting Baroda ashram or meeting him on tour. Along with Swami Ashok Prakash Ji Maharaj, he was also traveling to various places and often Swami Ji were asking him to do the Satsang or sing a Bhajan.

In the near by city Surat, there was Prem Prakash Ashram managed by trust but without any saint living there. Trustees and many devotees like Keshavlal requested many times Swami Ashok Prakash Ji for blessing Surat Sindhi Samaj by appointing a saint for Surat ashram to conduct regular Satsang and look after the Ramnagar Ashram. During the floods of 2004, and after that Swami Raj Prakash Ji visited many times Surat and helped people to return back to normal life, with his polite, kind nature and helping attitude he become most favorite saint of natives of Surat city. Towards the end of year 2009, Swami Ashok Prakash Ji Maharaj ask him to start living at Surat and took charge of Ramnagar ashram.

28 June 2012 the day brought unbearable loss for the Prem Prakash Mandal as in road accident near Ajmer Swami Rajuramprakashi Ji along with Swam Ashok Prakash [Vadodara] and Swami Kishore Prakash [Faridabad] were forced to leave the physical world. The Sant Trimurti was returning from Jaipur after celebrations of 126 Birth anniversary of Satguru Swami Teoonram Ji Maharaj.