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Tarun Nihalani

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Tarun Nihalani

Sindhi Youth - Dance +3 - So You Think You Can Dance : Ab India Ki Bari

tarun_nihalaniTarun Nihalani, icon of Sindhi Youth is proving that Sindhi community is expanding wings beyond the traditional business arena of the community. One of top twelve contestants of popular Dance show of India Dance Plus season 3 Tarun along with his partner Shivani Patel bagged the first Double Plus of the show on the Grand Premier Day.

This was as grand as you hope for one of the best dance show on Indian Television. Dance +3 got a perfect grand premier with picture perfect performance from Tarun and Sivani from team of Mr. D [Dharmesh Sir] with forcing the stalwart of Indian Dancing Shows Mr. Remo Disuza to hit the plus mark twice to indicate first double plus of the season on very first performance. 

Tarun Nihalani born and brought up at Nasik Maharashtra is presently living at Mumbai. Student of St. Patric School Nasik Tarun Nihalani is aiming to make wordpress his childhood passion Dancing a perfect career for him. Tarun was student of Bytco College and has acquired B.C.A. [Bachelor in Computer Application] from Pune University.

Tarun owns Tarun Nihalani Dance Academy and was among the Final 18 of the dance reality show "So you think you can dance - Ab India ki bari" it was unfortunate for him to leave the show in halfway because of injury after crossing the five though rounds of selection and performing in different styles of dance.  

According to Tarun Nihalani he was deprived of formal training for a long period of early days of his dancing passion, so most of his dancing skills are self learned. Even after joining the Dancing Maestro Terrence Lewis he had to spent a lot of time in travelling. Recalling his days of participation in So You Think You Can Dance - Ab India Ki Bari, Tarun says there was time when he had three days without sleep. During the show he has to practice till 2 A M and get ready by 5 AM for shooting which ends usually at 6 PM in evening.