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Anand Khemani

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About : Anand Chimandas Khemani

Famous Sindhi Writer - Modern Sindhi Literature - Sahitya Academy Award
42nd Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 2009

anand_khemaniAnand Chimandas Khemani born on 09 September 1933 is not just trend setter for Sindhi literature but also among the eminent personalities of Sindhi literature honored with prestigious Sahitya Academy Award.
"Rishtan Jee Siyasat" a story collection by Anand Khemani was the book for which he had received Sahitya Academy Award in the year 2007.  
Anand Khemani and few others like Harish Vaswani, Vasudev, Prem Prakash etc. were not only the stronger supporters of New Poetry some also term as Anti Poetry but also the persons who initiated this style of poetry writing.
Like the poetry Anand Khemani with Prem Abhichandani, Lakhmi Khilani and few others have adopted modern approach to literary criticism based on entire and realistic analysis.  He has brought new and modern era to story writing in Sindhi not just the style but topics like helplessness, modern machine like life style and even disbelief started to find central place in the stories written in Sindhi. One of the book "Badiljandar Daur Ain Tanqueed" written by Anand Khemani is prescribed for B.A. course in Sindhi.
Anand Khemani is considered one of the stalwarts of modern Sindhi literature, his writings are based on the reality of life. In his novel "Hik Shkhs Ji Vasana" [Lust of A Man] he successfully portraits nature of man and his Gothic attitude. This novel is considered as the rise of new traditions in Sindhi prose. 
In one of his story "Tukara Tukara" he successfully narrated evil effects of death of Spirituality in life and towards the end of story illustrated "This should not happen as it happens".     

Literary Contribution – Anand Khemani

List of books by Anand Khemani

Badlijandar Daur Ain Tanqueed 
Hik Shkhs Ji Vasana [Novel]
Luchi [Story Collection 1965]
November Ji Akhiri Raat [Story Collection 1976]
Rishtan Ji Siyasat [Story Collection 2007]

Awards – Anand Khemani

Anand Khemani was felicitated with Sahitya Academy Award for his contribution to Sindhi literature and his book "Rishtan Ji Siyasat" in the year 2009.