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Dr. Motiprakash

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Biography : Moti Prakash

Dr. Moti Prakash - Famous Sindhi Writer-Poet- Educationist - Academy Award
22nd Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1988

motiprakashDr. Moti Prakash [1988] and his wife Kala Prakash [1994] are the first sindhi couple to receive Sahitya Academy Award for their literary creations in Sindhi language. This is a hard to digest, but unfortunately is truth that in India Sindhis didn't have a separate state or even any specific way of participating in the political process or making economic decision  alike the most other community have and this is even after the  sindhis contributes a major share towards the G. D. P. of country.  Migrant sindhis become stable and well settled in India just only on the bases of very strong cultural, social, economical and political heritage Sindhis have. Sindhi community have a song which can holds status equivalent to national anthem of a country and recognized as the must sung song in any social gathering of Sindhis. The song goes like "Aandhi mein Jot Jagain Wara Sindhi Ain Khak Khe Sonu Banain Wara Sindhi" [Sindhi is one who dare to initiate flame even in storms and have skills and abilities to turn dust into Gold].

The song is considered as one of the great and most popular creation of famous Sindhi writer & poet Dr. Moti Prakash [ presently working with Indian Institute of Sindhology ] born on 15 May 1931 st Daro in District Thatta of Sindh. To me this song is much more than a literary creation of  Dr. Moti Prakash, [the 16 years young boy forced to migrate and saw the painful struggle of younger brother who was forced to work for the sack of continuing education] , has experienced and was able to achieve after migrating to India in 1947. 

This economic struggle for education has inspired and generated a fire for doing something significant towards the education of Sindhi community. In 1951, he passed S. S. C Examination from S. S. C Board, Poona and immediately after that he started his professional career as the teacher with Sindh Cosmopolitan High School, Chembur, Mumbai and kept continue his studies.

He was such a dedicated person that within short span of just three years he was offered a job at K. J. Khilnani Group of Schools, where he worked till February 1977. After working for 14 years as the teacher, in the year 1968 Dr. Moti Prakash was appointed as the Principal of K. J. Khilnani High School Dadar, Mumbai.

Sindhis in the Gulf countries have started Indian High School, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and looking for the safe hands for the growth and care of the institution. Their search ended with Dr. Moti Prakash, who joined the institution in February 1977 as the principal and was promoted to the post of Rector of the Institution in the year 2000.

After retiring back to India in April 2002 Dr. Moti Prakash returned back to homeland and become associated with Indian Institute of Sindhology and S. H. N. Academy, Adipur as a Member of their Boards & Trusty. During his long illustrated educational career this genus sindhi educationist hold various key positions in various organization other than his school.
Some of significant posts held by him are

Secretary & Vice Chairman of Sindhi Sahit Mandal, Mumbai
Founder Secretary of Sindhu Kala Mandir, Mumbai
Founder Secretary of Sindhu Kala Niketan, Mumbai
Secretary of Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahitya Sabha
Member, Advisory Committee for Promotion of Standard Literature in Sindhi. (Ministry of Education, Government of India, 1975)
Member, Maharashtra State Bureau of Text Book Production and Curriculum Research, Pune. (Production of Text Books – Class I to IX)
Founder, Council of CBSE Affiliated Schools in the Gulf : (Secretary 1990-92), Chairman (1992-93)
Convener, Sindhi Advisory Board, Sahitya Akademi (2003-07)

Literary Work : Publications

Dr. Moti Prakash's work As Writer & poet

'Aau Ta Choryoon Chung' (Let us play the fiddle), Poems, 1959.
'Andhero Ujalo' (Light & darkness), Novel, 1963.
'Gulran Ja Geet' (Songs for budding kids), Children's literature, 1963.
Chininga Vich Choley' (Sparks in my lap), Poems 1983.
'Dithe Deenhan Thyam' (Have not seen you for a long), Character Sketches’ 1986.
'Se Sabh Sandhyum Saah Seen' (All are hidden in my heart), Travelogue, 1987.
Dr. Moti Prakash was also associated with All India Radio (from 1956 to 1977) and has produced more than 200 plays. He also wrote a few sindhi Drama like "Anja Ta Maan Nandhri Ahyan" (l am still a small kid) [1962] and "Raat Hik Toofan Ji "' (Stormy night) [1971]

Dr. Moti Prakash : Awards

Among the various literary awards of Dr. Moti Prakash, awarded for children literature in 1975 By NCERT, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India for his book "Gulran Ja Geet".
In the year 1989 by Sahitya Akademi, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India for his book "Se Sabh Sandhyum Saah Seen" are quite close to his own heart.

Dr. Moti Prakash is also recipient of
Prof. Ram Panjwani Literary Award (1989) ,
Priyadarshni Literary Award (2004),
Sahyog Foundation Award (2000),
Uttam Award (2008)
and Gaurav Puraskar awarded by the Government of Maharashtra.