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Gobind Malhi

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Biography – Gobind Malhi

Famous Sindhi Novelist – Academy Award – Sindhi Film – Sindhu-a-Je Kinare
9th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1973

gobind_malhiGobind Malhi, the person who presented and introduced Sindhi Koyel Bhagwanti Navani to world, is the true reflection of vast canvas of Sindhi literature. Novelist, Drama Writer and film producer Gobind Malhi was born on 5 August 1921 at Tharu Shah in Sindh. After completing Schooling Matriculation in 1939 he went to D J Sindh College Karachi and acquired L.L.B. His father wants him to practice as Lawyer and take care of ancestral land but as by that time Gobind has found a keen interest in politics and literature so he did not worked likewise however to satisfy father he married with sister of famous Prof. Balwani as per the proposal of father.

Under the influence of friends he joined Communist Party and remained General Secretary for Karachi till he migrated to India. Actually the political journey of Gobind Malhi was started since his student life and by the time he migrated to India due to partition he has become a renowned politician. This might be his involvement with Communist Party which tempted him to translate Maxim Gorky’s Novel Mother in Sindhi.

After migrating India he starting living at Kandivili a suburb of Mumbai. Gobind Malhi has migrated a bit later than others but according to him as he was used to wear Sherwani and his looks were alike of a Pathan so he did not face any problem in migration. In India he kept on being involved with Sindhi literature and soon through his novel writing earned the fame of notable personality of Sindhi literature. Along with Kirat Babani and other he started Sindhi Halchal movement which finally resulted as the inclusion of Sindhi language in eighth schedule of Indian constitution.

Gobind Malhi is considered as the writer of first generation of progressive Sindhi writers though history criticism was his favorite topic but still in his novels with the help of Sindhi characters he successfully depicted his love for Sindh and atmosphere of Sindh. Novels of Gobind Malhi have covered a wide range of themes from love marriage to problems of combined families and even divorce.

After introducing Bhagwanti Navani [with time she gained fame of Sindhi Koyel] activity center of Gobind Malhi has shifted to music and stage he arranged many stage programs not only in India but abroad also. In the 1968 he has made a Sindhi Film Sindhu-a-Je Kinare and afterward founded Gobind Malhi Cultural Academy with the help of his daughter Pushpa Malhi. Today the academy is looked by his daughter Shobha. Academy is not only arranging Sindhi cultural programs but also felicitating notable Sindhi personality from Sindhi literature.

Gobind Malhi has also edited bimonthly Sindhi Magzine MURK and worked as journalist. He also wrote few Sindhi Dramas, such as “Gustakhi Maaf”, “Sindhu a Jo Saugandh” and “Ghot Kunvar Razi” etc. Not only the Sindhi Sahitya Academy felicitated him with Academy Award in 1973 for his Novel “Pyar Ji Pyas” but also the Maharashtra State Government recognized his contribution by awarding him Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar in 1990.

The multi skilled novel writer and film producer Gobind Malhi passed away on 10 February 2001.

Gobind Malhi – Literary contribution – List of Books

If we count the number of books written by Gobind Malhi the number is bound to cross half century but here we are listing only a few prominent popular novels and Drama of Gobind Malhi. Just for information his first novel was titled as “Inqlabi Sipahi”.
Novels :
Dehi Pardehi Thiya
Ishq Nahe Raand
Pakhiara Valar Khan Vichriya
Piyar Ji Pyas
Zindagi-a-Ji Raah Te

Gustakhi Maaf
Ghot Kunvar Razi
Sindhu a Jo Saugandh

Mother [Maxim Gorky]
Dharati Mata [Tarachand Banerji]

Gobind Malhi : Awards

This is truly hard to count the number of occasions when Gobind Malhi was felicitated. Here we are listing only few selective awards showered upon him.
1996: Life Time Achievement Award [Sindhi Sahitya Academy]
1993: Literary Award [Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad Kolkata]
1991: International Latif Award [At Dubai]
1990: Gaurav Puraskar [ Maharashtra Government]
1973: Academy Award [Sindhi Sahitya Academy]

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