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Harish Vaswani

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Biography – Harish Waswani

Famous Sindhi Poet and Story Writer – Academy Award – Adipur
21st Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1987

harish_waswani1987 Academy Award winner, Professor of Political Science and English at Tolani College Adipur and famous Sindhi poetry and short story writer Harish Vaswani or Waswani was famous in Sindhi literary fraternity as the pioneer of New Poetry and New style of writing stories. In the year 2012 when his wife Indra Harish Vaswani bagged Sahitya Academy Award, the couple become second Sindhi couple after Dr. Moti Prakash and Kala Prakash to receive this award. He was also famous for portraying nature in the world format through his poetry. Though his literary journey is started as story writer with 1962 published story “Muskrahat” published Nayeen Duniya, the magazine in which his first poetry “Sabhyta” was published very shortly after the story.

In the own words of Professor Harish Vaswani literary creative work is actually the back journey within our self when we start feeling about true ourselves an outburst of spontaneous emotions comes out and often world name it as poetry. If we look at his life Harish started his literary life by presenting a very strong criticism paper on famous Hindi poet Jaishankar Prasad, when he was student of B.A. After being an established poet and writer this Criticism and Analysis become yet another strong hold for writings of Harish Vaswani.

“Chalih – Chhahatar” [40-76] the title of the first poetry book of Harish Vaswani is enough to explain how creative and unique was this genius sindhi writer as he was born in 1940 so to remind people he used his birth year in the title. Even his book for which he was honored with all important literary award “Academy Award” of Sindhi Sahitya Academy in the year 1987, was titled “Chalih – Chourasi” [40-84].

Besides the poetry and story writing Harish Vaswani was equally mater of Criticism and analysis and wrote many critical essays. His book Chalih – Chourasi is collection of ten such essays, four on Stories, three on poetry, two on novels and one on plays. This is enough proof for the multi skilled personality of Harish Vaswani. The two novels selected by him were of the most popular Sindhi writers, “Pyar Ji Pyas” written by legendry Gobind Malhi and “Muhinji Atma Jo Mout” by Lal Pushp both Academy Award winners.

Harish Hansraj Vaswani was born on the 22 November 1940 at Lor Ilaayi a hilly area in Baluchistan. After shifting to India till 1959 his family was roaming in search of suitable business place. The family tries to settle at Junagarh, Agra, Ajmer, Delhi and few other cities and finally decided in favor of Adipur Gandhidham. At the time of shifting to India Harish was of eight years. His painful experiences of shifting due to partition and experience generated from this nomadic life in India, proved fuel for his literary creations. He expired on 13 April 2013.

Just to get glimpses of geniuses of Harish Vaswani, strong support and creator of news waves in Sindhi Poetry and Sindhi Story writing, look at the topics of various eminent personalities during the Harish Vaswani Symposium organized by Sahitya Academy.

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Literary Contribution – Harish Vaswani

Though the list of Books by Harish Vaswani is not complete one, we will try to update it in near future. The list is given in alphabetical order of titles.
Azadai-a Khan Poy Sindhi Kahani
Biyo Dafo
Chalih Assi
Chalih Bahatar
Chalih Chourasi
Hik Zazbe Jo Mout
Insaniyat Ja Deep [T]
Purush Veshya
Shabd Sanskriti [E]
Sindhi Choond Kahaniyun – 2 [E]
Sindhi Tanqeed [E]
Vado Shahr

Awards – Harish Vaswani

Harish Vaswani was honored with prestigious Academy Award in 1987 for his book Chalih Chourasi.