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Kala Prakash

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Biography : Kala Prakash

Sindhi Woman Writer – Award Winning Novelist
27th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1994

kalaprakashKala Praksh one of the popular and quality-writers of Sindhi language has proven that Sindhi woman is not for behind when it comes to serve the Sindhi literature and preserve Sindhi culture. This might be an unique achievement for a Sindhi family that wife and husband both went on to be felicitated with the prestigious literary award Sindhi Sahit Akademy Award which was presented to Kala Prakash in the year 1994 for “Aarsi-A-Aado”, where as her husband well known Sindhi writer poet and educationist Dr. Moti Prakash has honored with same award in the year 1988 for “Se Sab Sandhyam Saah Sen”.

Born in Karchi in on 02-01-1934, Kala Prakash is not known just as the one of most successful Sindhi writer but also have fame of being best fiction writer in Sindhi. She also has credit of one collection of poetry, and a travelogue to Sindh. This was 1954 when she married with Dr. Moti Prakash. In 1977 couple decided to settle down at Dubai and after a quarter of century return back to India in 2002 after the completing professional commitment of Dr. Moti Prakash. Presently family is living at Adipur Kutchh, where Kala Prakash is serving the Sindhi language and literature through Institute of Sindhiology.

Literary career of Kala Prakash started way back in 1953 her first short story “Dohi Bedohi” was published in Nayi Duniya a popular monthly magazine of Mumbai. Her first novel “Hikk Dil, Hazaar Armaan” was published in 1957, later after the publishing of second edition [1972] in India; novel was published in Sindh, Pakistan in the year 1973. In the year 1984 she visited Sindh.

“Pakhan Ji Preet” [1999] is her latest book, till date her eight novels and two poetry collections are published. This was her literary creation “Aarsi-A-Aado” published in 1992 for which she bagged prestigious Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award in 1994.

Literary Work – Publications


1957: Hik Dil Hazaar Arman
1960: Shishe Ji Dil
1975: Hayaati Hotan Re
1988: Waqt - Vithyoon- Vichhotiyoon
1992: Aarsi-A-Aado
1998: Pakhan Ji Preet
2004: Samund Ain Kinaro
2010: Aukha Pandh Pyaar Jaa
Short Story: Collections
1973: Murk Ain Mamta
1993: Varan Me Gul
2008: lntezaar

Poetry Collections

1963: Mamta Jun Lahrun [Reprint: 2006]

Kala Prakash : Awards

1965: Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha's appreciation award
1992: Maharshtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award
1994: Sahitya Akademi Award
2001: Ishwari Jivatram Buxani Award
2010: Priya Darshni Academy Award