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Lakhmi Khilani

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Biography of Lakhmi Khilani

Sahitya Academy Award – Famous Sindhi Writer
29th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1996
lakhmi_khilaniLakhmi Khilani is among the rare class of Sindhis who are felicitated twice with Academy award first for original creation and second time for translation. It is not a regular phenomenon that a person educated in one streams shows mastery in another just opposite stream and goes on begging the highest award for this new stream opted to work with in later part of life, a lot of time after completing owns education in the stream opposite to opted stream.

Lakhmi Khilani is the best illustration of what had been written above. Sharing birthday with Mahatma Gandhi, Lakhmi Khilani [born on 2 October 1935] was awarded with Engineering Degree [Civil] in 1958 by Banaras Hindu University and was appointed as Engineer in a Kolkata based company. This might be surprising for many to know that since 1964 regularly published “Rachna” Sindhi literary magazine is creation of Lakhmi Khilani as often science and literature are considered as opposite streams.

The success story of Lakhmi Khilani doesn’t ends here as he went on to beg the biggest award of Sindhi literature “Sahitya Academy Award” given by Sindhi Sahitya Academy in the year 1996 for his story collection titles “Gufa Je Hun Paar” [On the other side of cave].

This was the Tara Mirchandani an eminent Sindhi writer with whom Lakhmi came in contact during the student life ay Banaras, had identified the presence of literary wisdom in the character of Lakhmi Khilani but before she get success in exploring it Lakhmi was at Kolkata for his job. This was fortunate for Sindhi Literature that at Kolkata Lakhmi got company of Prof. Mangharam Malkani and went on to organize “Akhil Bharat Sindhi Natak Mahoutsav” in 1973. Before that during the 1964 he attended Sahitya Samelan at Lukhnow and came in contact of many popular and eminent personalities of Sindhi literature, actually the seed of creating “Rachna” were sown here.

Science student Lakhmi Khilani was always thinking that if in the Science. Biology and Zoology are there why not we are having Sindhology in Sindhi literature? So he decided to leave the established commercial kingdom of Kolkatta for being settled at Adipur. This is his untiring efforts that Indian Institute of Sindhology has celebrated Silver Jubilee in 2015.

Literary Contribution – Publications

Till date Lakhmi has credit of 3 Novels, 4 Drama, and biography of Satyajit Rey besides the 7 Story collections. He had also credit for few translation works. List of these seven story collections reads like

1972 - Rat Ja Dag [Spots of Blood]
1978 – Adhuri Rachna [Incomplete Creation]
1981 – Band Darwaja [Closed Doors]
1983 - Gufa Je Hun Paar [On the other side of cave]
1996- kakatua [in Hindi]
1999 – Mitti Ji Mahak [Smell of Soil]
2000 – Mund Jo Tidiyal Pahiriyon Gulab [First Blossomed Rose of Season]

The three novels written by him are Hay Muhanji Dil [1966], Sazish [1970] and Amrit Amrit [1974] where as titles of four Dramas are Guda Gudiyun [1964], Wariy-a Sando Kotu [1967], Pahinjo Dushman [1993] and Kuda Faas [2007] .


He was felicitated by Sindhi Sahitya Academy in the year 1996 for his story collection titles “Gufa Je Hun Paar” [On the other side of cave].
In 1998 he again bagged Sahitya Academy, this time for translation titled as “Asamay”
Gujarat Sahitya Academy has felicitated him with “Sahityakar Gaurav Puraskar” in 2008.