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Mohan Kalpana

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Biography: Mohan Bulchand Lala

Sindhi Fiction: Sahitya Academy Award: Modern Trio of Sindhi Literature
18th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1984

mohan_kalpanaMany of present native from the world of Sindhi literature are still with live memories of “Uha Sham” that evening of 1984 when prestigious Sahitya Academy Award was presented to one of the star Sindhi Novelist Mohan Kalpana for his book “Uha Sham”.

Sindhi literature is fortunate to have yet another generation of trio Mohan Kalpana, Lal Pushap and Guno Samtaney who brought the new flavor and style of writing – narrating the story. If the Guno Samtaney was the non classical writer than Mohan Kalpana was the one who portraits romance through his words. The first trio of Sindhi literature Shah- Sachal – Sami have enriched the poetry where as this modern trio was nourishing Sindhi prose.

Born on 22 November 1930 at Kotri Sindh and educated only up to Matriculation Mohan Kalpana is such an influential writer that even many of his die hard readers are not aware that his original name was Mohan Bulchand Lala. He was married to Kamal and couple is blessed with one daughter Geeta. Mohan has started his life with journalism for Sindhi new paper “Sindhudi” and his first creation was “Atma Hatya” was a story published some time during 1948.

After the partition of the country Mohan Kalpana has shifted to Ulhasnagar city with highest population of Sindhi migrants. Mohan has credit of around 30 published books including his auto biography “Bukh, Ishaq Ain Adab”. Some of other popular books are “Athiyin Katha – Toon Muhanji Sunderta Jo Aarandh Aahiyin – Dard Jo Darayahu – Chandani Ain Zahar – Uha Sham – Anja Raat Baki Aaa – Jahaj Ji Dek Te etc. Probably he is the only Sindhi writer of modern time or the post independence era that’s almost all his creations are reprinted more than two times. During his literary life Mohan has written more than 200 Short stories. Though Mohan Kalpana was considered as the writer of romantic writings but still his book “Jalavatani” in which he had shared the pains and experiences of the undesired partition of the country was among the best seller books of Mohan Kalpana.

During the literary life Mohan Kalpana was honored by different social and cultural Sindhi institutions and was awarded with Academy Award by Sindhi Sahitya Academy for his book “Uha Sham” in the year 1984. He was basically a novelist but still he has written a few poems and some critic views also.

Mohan Kalpana passed away on 19 June 1992. In his book “Bukh, Ishaq Ain Adab” he has wrote – Death is unavoidable so we should accept it as our normal behavior if it comes in normal way but often it doesn’t happens. This is the biggest tragedy of human life that to which we try to give a meaning that life ends suddenly without notice.

Mohan Kalpana – Literary Contribution – List of Books

Starting with 1948 published first story “Atma Hatya” Mohan Kalpana has written about 200 short stores and 30 books needless to mention that most of his published books are novels. Some of his popular books are listed here: -
Anja Raat Baki Aa
Athiyin Kataha
Bukh Ishaq Ain Adab
Chandani Ain Zahar
Dard Jo Dariyahu
Fankar Ain Felsuf
Farishitan Ji Duniya
Jahaj Ji Dek Te
Raniuy Ain Pasha
Surag Ji Goliha
Toon Muhanji Sundarta Jo Aaranbh Aahiyin
Uha Sham