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Popati Hiranandani

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Biography Popati Hiranandani

popatiPopati Hiranandani - Sindhi Revolutionary Woman writer
16th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1982

Popati Hiranandani - the revolutionary woman sindhi writer was born on 17-9-1924 at Karachi [ presently in Pakistan], She was one among the seven children of her parents. Though she belongs to Amil family - a family with the tradition of education - but we should not forget that she was born in sindhi community in which education levels are always low.

She was only of 10 years of age at the time of death of her father hence she has not only saw the troubles faced by her mother in bringing up all the seven kids but also she learned many lessons of courage and patience from her mother for unfavorable times . After the death of husband her mother shifted to Hyderabad. As the high education is tradition of the Amil family so is the high dowry demands is also a custom among Amil families.

The first revolutionary step taken by Popati was not to be married with a person demanding dowry, even she forced the boy family - with whom her engaged was done by mother - to return back all the goods given at the time of engagement. She decided to remain Single and help the mother. After the partition the family shifted to Mumbai India.

Popati Hiranandani was busy with her teaching job and finding time for her writings, she has a keen will of upholding the dignity of woman in the society. All his writings are revolutionary in the sense that she always tried to keep her will on the top, Even in her biography she wrote" woman is made to suffer ,not on account of any vice in her character but because of her virtues." She dared to write about the Ishq [Love] in the men dominant society in which women is not even supposed to talk about the topic.

She was felicitated with the "Sahitya Academy Award" in 1982 for her biography "Muhanji Hayati Ja Sona Roopa Varkka"[ Golden Silver Pages Of My Life]. The citation of the award goes like "This profound engaging autobiography of hers gives a remarkable insight into Sindhi society, the social and political upheaval following partition of India, and the great tragedy overtaking the country." She fall pray to deadly disease cancer and suffered many pain full years of illness. She died on 16-12-2005 in Mumbai.

Literary Work : Publications

Some of more popular writings of Popati Hiranandani

Ruha sandi runch (1975) & Man Sindhini (1988) (both poetry)
Pukar (1953) & Zindagi-a-ji-photri (1993) (both short stories)
Sailab zindagi-a-jo (1980) (novel)
Sindhi kalahain aju (1985) (essays)
Shah, Sindhi-tahiziba jo ruh (1983) (literary criticism)
Bhasha shastra (1962) (linguistics)
Manik-Motilala (1993) (Biography)
Muhinje hayati ja sona ropa varqa (1980) (autobiography)
History of Sindhi literature (in Sindhi).