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Prabhu Wafa

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Biography : Prabhu Wafa

prabhu_wafaPrabhu Jotumal Chhugani - Famous Sindhi Poet
15th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1981

Like most of other languages, poetry in Sindhi language was also having different formats such as ghazal, geet, baet, vaaee, rubaaee, and haiku etc for the emotional outburst of poets. A new unique, effective and different way "Panjakda" for the expressions of thoughts was introduced by Prabhu wafa.

Panjakda is five line rhyme expression for which Wafa says, this is containing soft, silky, sweet touch of Gazal along with the depth of Rubaaee. In the 80's his book titled "Surkh Gulab Ain Suraha Khwab " containing Panjkda was published and for this book he was felicitated with Sahitya Academy Award in the year 1981. Prabhu Wafa was born on 19th September 1915 at Larkana, city which was famous those days as the nest of singing birds. It was year 1930 when many famous poets like Nawazali Niyaz, Mehmood Khadim, and Ali Mohammed Kadri were there at Larkana for a Mushaira [Gathering of poets] and all were surprised with the literary excellence of 15 years young boy who shared the stage with them by presenting his ever first Gazal. Along with the Bombay University, from where Prabhu completed his graduation in 1938, Government high school Larkana (Schooling) and D. J. Sindh college Karachi (college) are also closely connected with academics of Prabhu Wafa.

"Well began half done" this famous saying proved as the mile stone for the literary journey of this genius Sindhi poet as from this point there was no space for looking back , he kept on marching ahead and ahead only. When we look back into childhood of this great poet, sowing of seeds of love for poetry and literature are very clearly visible. Prabhu's father, Diwan Jotumal Gyanchand Chhugani, though was a famous Sindhi lawyer but also was great admire and fond of poetry, this was creating an atmosphere favorable for poetry at home.

Visiting Dargah of famous sufi saint, Vedanta expert and popular poet "Rohal Fakir" twice a year with family proved the breeding ground for understanding Sufism in true sense and helped him to developed an attitude of recognizing the literary changes of human ocean especially with relation to future and all this worked as the foundation stone of his poetic success as his words always had reflected feelings of masses.

His poetic expressions were equally appreciated and being recited at meeting of scholars, devotees at temple and even at radio stations, where his brother Ratan and Sister Kamala were singing geets (songs) written by him on public demand. In the year 1942 he married with Sudha Chhugani.

Prabhu has not only succeed in impresseing to his city sharing great poets Kishanchand Bewas and Rashitya Kavi Hundraj Dykhayal (both belongs to Larkana) but also in the words of Hari Daryani "Dilgir" Prabhu was another great contributor towards the Sindhi Poetry, Prabhu includes his love for language very beautifully and his flight of imagination is always extra ordinary.

Prabhu Wafa breathed last on 17 December 2012 at his Mumbai residence.

Awards & Publications of Prabhu Wafa

List of his awards and publications is much more longer than what we are including here, the most dominating award for this literary creator is that a common people finds self expressions with the poetry written by Prabhu Wafa. List of most famous publications of Prabhu Wafa includes :

Sij Lahan Te Aah [1999]
Aaeena Ain Aksa [1994]
Tun Saagar Maan Leher [1993]
Maan Azal Ji Uunj Aahyan [1990]
Surkh Gulab Ain Suraha Khwab [1980]
Parwaaz [1962]
Jhankaar [1958]

Beside the Sahitya Academy Award Prabhu Wafa is also recipient of

A. J. Uttam Award (Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahat Sabah Jaipur) : 2007
Life Time Achievement Award (Sindhi Academy of Delhi) : 2004
Life Time Achievement Award (Priyadarshini Academy) : 1998
Life Time Achievement Award (Maharashtra Sindhi Sahitya Academy) : 1992
Maharashtra Gaurav Puruskar : 1990