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Tikyoon Lola

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Sindhi Recipes - Sindhi Food - Koohar (Ranh)  

lolaTikyoon (Lola)


Like the most of human communities Sindhis also have tradition of cooking some special food for specific Sindhi festival. Thadal - the natural and famous Sindhi cold drink is associated with Mahashivratari and Holi, where as Tikyoon and Lola is the festival food for the festival of Thadadi. Koohar & Ranh are distributed as sesa of Jhulelal, during the festival of Chaliho at the procession of Bahrano Sahib and in the Guru Nanak Darbars along with Kanhav Prasad.

Tikyoon Ain Lola


Wheat flour 1k.g., Maida 1/2 K.g., Sugar 1/2 K.g., 200gram Oil, 100gms sugar powder and water.

Cooking Process


[1] Take about 250 ml of water & soak sugar in it for about 2 hours.
[2] Mix the wheat flour and maida. Add 200 grams of oil to it. Mix the ingredients add soaked sugar water to get hard dough.
[3] Take some wordpress quantity of dough and roll it to get about 1c.m. thick layer. Shape it with the readymade shaper. Many times instead of using shaper ladies give round shape by practice.
[4] For making Tikyoon take good quantity of oil in the fry pain and heat it. Drop the layers in the hot oil and fry till golden appearance.
[5] Took out and garnish with sugar powder. Some people are also using edible colours with sugar powder.
[6] For making Lola Roast the layers on hot plate [Tava]. 

Koohar - Ranh

This is one of the simplest recipe. Usually Koohar or Ranh are cooked to distribute as the prasad along with either Tanhiree " Jhulelal" or with Kanhan Prasad in the guru darbars. Some people also cook for mixing with other vegetables and making Parathas.

Cooking Process

[1] Took good quality Kohar or Ranh.
[2] Clean & Soak them in water for about 6 Hours.
[3] Separate this water. Take fresh water in Pressure cooker [ Water Ranh Ratio is about 1.5 : 1] add Salt to taste.
[4] Cook for about 15-20 minutes.