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Tirth Basant

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Biography: – Tirth Vedihomal Basant

Famous Sindhi Writer – Academy Award – Biography “Kanwar”
First Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1959

tirth_basantThe ever first Academy Award of Sindhi Sahitya Academy was awarded in 1959 to late Shri Tirth Basant , a very famous sindhi writer for his book “Kanwar” biography of legendary Sindhi Saint and spiritual Singer Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib Ji. This was not his first attempt of writing a biography as before this he has translated autobiography of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in Sindhi with title “Jawahar Jivani” and was felicitated for this with an award from Sindhi Adabi Board. In the years to come Tirth Basant has also presented biography of Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, titled “Gandhi Ji” in three volumes and published in 1972 and 1978. He has also credited of bringing many plays of Shakespeare into Sindhi and even one “Chitra” of great Rabindranath Tagore.

Born on 7 September 1909 at Lukman village Khairpur Sindh, Basant was not so lucky as his mother has expired even before he reaches to age of two years hence he was cared by his Grand Mother, she used to be a religious woman and surrounding area of residence were also a bit over loaded with famous spiritual locations. Under the influence of all these even from early childhood Tirth Basant was finding within self a kind of temptation for the world different from the normal physical world. He left the home at the tender age of ten years so the formal schooling or traditional education becomes not arise question. This was his wisdom that he compensated this short coming with deep study of Western Literature, Philosophy, Economic, History and Social Science, this was also essential for him as for the lively hood he was taking tuitions of students pursuing for B.A. , M.A. or even a degree in Science. So be a level above he studied the subject very deeply.

Tirth Basant has introduced self to literary world with English articles published in eminent publications like “Sindh Observer “and “Advance India”. Vishan Jagityani inspired Tirth Basant for writing in Sindhi for his news paper “Roshani” and within no tome Tirth Basant was on the list of writers of “Fuleli” most popular Sindhi Magazine published from Hyderabad and was wordpress renowned for very high standards of writing.

Tirth Basant has served the Sindhi Literature for a period of about half century and has expressed his excellence in almost all the horizons of literature. This might be essays, stories, Biography, Drama, Criticism or even poetry [ though a very little poetic work of him is known] every literary creation of Tirth Basant has set new standards of writing. He has credit of more than 40 books though the complete list of his books is not available.

Hamlet, Heros and Hero Worship, King’s Lady are among the list of books translated by Tirth Basant, who had a great influence of famous saint “Mira Bai” and has presented her life with new vision in the form of Drama titled “Mira”. One thing which needs to be mentioned here essentially that Tirth Basant has not just used the Sindhi Phrases and proverbs in his writing very effectively but also at many places his language appeared to be under influence of Persian language so the people born and bright in India after independence might find a bit difficult to understand him at several places. This true devotee of Sindhi literature expired on 30 September 1994.

Literary Contribution – Tirth Basant

List of Books [in alphabetical order of titles] –

Gandhi Ji
Jawahar Ji Jivani
Jivan Jwala
Sahitya Saru
Sahitya Suraj
Vasant Varkha

Tirth Basant – Awards and Prizes

The three most significant awards bagged by Shri Tirth Basant are

Award from Sindhi Adabi Board for translation of Autobiography of Nehru Ji.
Cash Award of US$ 1,000 from J.B.W. Foundation Hawana [USA] for “Sahitya Saru”.
“Academy Award” of Sindhi Sahitya Academy for “Kanwar” in 1959.