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Vadyun Patata

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Vadiyoon or Wadioon [lentil nuggets] is a vegetarian traditional Sindhi dish prepared from Pulse [Manhin Di Dal] flour, black pepper and half crushed Garam Masala and dried in Sun. This is amount of curry on bases of which this vegetable is served with either of Phulka or Rice.

Vadiyun - Wadioon Patata : Sindhi Recipe


Vadiyoon [lentil nuggets]) 4 pieces - Potatoes 3 [Medium Sized] - Meha [apple gourd] 1 optional - Onion 3 [Medium Sized] - Tomato 2-3 Medium sized [ 2 tsp if using Tomato Puree] Green Chillies 1 - Ginger a small piece - Coriander & red chilli powder - 1 tsp each [ can change quantity of chilli powder as per your liking of spicy taste] - Garam Masala powder - Oil - 3tsp - Salt to taste - Water as required [ depends with what you are serving ] - Green Coriander leaves for Garnishing.

Do before cooking : Chop onions fine, cut the Potato and Tomato into Small pieces.

Cooking Process

Took oil in pressure cooker add chopped onion fry till brown.
Add tomato, red and green chillies, Ginger coriander some water and heat for 3 whistles to get gravy.
Add vadies, Potato, Meha [optional] Salt to taste and stir on soft flame for few minutes.
Add water and close the lid heat for 3-4 whistles.
Garnish with green coriander leaves before serving.
Serve hot with Phulka [Roti] or Rice.


Did You Know [Healthy Habits]

Beside killing harmful germs Cinnamon also helps in regulating blood sugar.
Steel spoons kept in pickles bottle for taking pickles is a harmful habit as this will result in a reaction between metal and acid present in pickles.
Avoid metallic utensils to marinate meat as there will be chemical reaction between metal and acid (Vinegar or Lemon Juice used).