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Various Names of Jhulelal

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Life Saga of Jhulelal part 2

jhulelal_mandir1Birth & Various Names of Jhulelal

As it was said in Aakashwani, on Second Day of Hindu month Chetra [Chetu - Vikaram Samvat 1007 i.e. Georgian year 950] at Nasarpur, a male child was born in the house of Devaki and Tarachand. In due course of time tradition of celebrating this day as Cheti Chand got rooted with Sindhi community.
This new born boy was named as Uday Chand. In Hindi language word Uday means rise and Chand means Moon, hence Udaychand means rising moon. In future this boy worked as the rescuer of Hindu Sindhis from the of cruel rule of Mirak Shah like the rising of full moon vanishes darkness hence name Udaychand was justified.

The miracle started from the day one of the birth as when the child opened his mouth parents saw Sindhu river in side the mouth and an old man on Palo [a kind of fish] was floating on the water stream, due to this Jhulelal is also known as Pale waro.

Most of the Hindu, Sindhi people living in the Sindh were of strong faith that this boy is an Avatar [incarnation] who had taken birth for rescuing them and hence is immortal so they used to call him Amarlal.

Uderolal another name of Jhulelal have roots in Sanskrit language as in Sanskrit Udero means one who is near the water or who has sprung from water.

As the boy Jhula [Cradle] in which boy Uday chand rested always kept on swinging hence the name Jhulelal came in existence. Mother Devaki was used to call the boy by name Jhulan with love and affection, but she died soon after the birth of child so the childhood care of boy was taken by step mother.

While going for meeting with Mirak shah Lord Jhulelal used horse for journey so devotee also call him Ghode waro.

Jot (flame) is burning constantly in the temple of Jhulelal hence devotees worship him as Jotan Waro. Aayolal Jhulelal are commonly pronounced words during the worship and Bahrano procession of Lord Jhulelal.

Seven most popular names of Sindhi Deity Lord Jhulelal are : 

Uderolal - Pale waro - Amarlal - Jhulan - Godhe waro - Jotan waro - Bahrane waro