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Anila Sunder

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Sindhi Kathak Dancer - Anila Sunder

anila_sunder1Here are few lines from a Mumbai [Bombay] based news paper published almost six years back "Anila Sunder has made significant contribution to the popularity of Kathak and development of Sindhi Art and Culture. Anila Sunder and her troupe will present "Sindh Munhinjee Amaa" at Y. B. Chavan Auditorium, Near Mantralaya, today at 6.30 pm.

In first instant this will not look a news related with a sindhi girl/woman if the world "Sindhi" may be omitted from the news, but this is the fact that in the modern times sindhi girls and women are no more restricted to remain within the house as the tradition goes, they are coming out with career in many field even in the performing art. As for as Anila was concerned, Though dance was the prime attraction for her but still she didn't forget academic education and passed Master degree in clinical psychology and joined Jai Hind College as the lecturer for a very short period. 

Anila was born as the daughter of Doctor couple Nanki and Govind Makhijani at Ulhasnagar on 11 November 1951. One might be surprised to learn that at the tender age of seven years when a normal child even think beyond the toys, she had made her mind for becoming a dancer. Anila was fortunate so her parents made arrangement for her training in dancing. At the tender age of 11 years Anila has passed an examination in Kathak Dance held at Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad. 

Anila is married with Sunder Nachnaney and has adopted husbands name as addition to her post marriage name. The couple is blessed with a daughter Rachna. After participating in festival of dance and music held at Tehran in 1977 she started to earn fame world wide.  

Her unmatched contribution to Sindhi Art and Culture is that she had presented many historic stories like Lila Chanesar in ballet format instead of traditional Sindhi Folk, and performed with such a perfection that sindhi youth get attracted towards the rich Sindhi culture. I still feel mesmerized when I recalls the chance of being witness for her performance way back in 90's at Keshavrao Bhosale Natiyagrah Kolhapur. Undoubtedly she is one among the best belly dancers born on Indian soil.

She has made a group of own and spreading the sindhi art and culture through her performance in various Indian cities and even abroad. Some of her most famous ballets titles are 
"Sikka Sajan Ji" 
"Thee Na Juda Jani Munkhan"
"Sindh Munhanje Amma"
which have made her an international known performer. She also imparts training of Kathak as she is director and choreographer of Mumbai based "Rachna Nrityalya". Anila is the only woman Sindhi Kathak dancer.

Anila Sunder – Works

Anila Sunder is renowned Ballet dancer director and Choreographer some of her popular sindhi presentation are

Geet Govind
Sik Sajan Jee
Sindh Munhinjee Amaa
Sindhyat Jee Surhan
Theeu Na Juda Jani Munkhan
Zaal.. Kadenh Zer, Kadenh Zabar

Anila also appeared in two sindhi films Pyar kare Disu and Jai Jhulelal. 


Anila Sunder – Awards

Anila Sunder is felicitated by many sindhi organisation working in different parts of globe. some of her significant awards are

In the 1990 she was honored with "Jhulelal Award" by International Sindhi Panchayat Federation.  

In the 1994 Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha felicitate her with award of Distinguish Artist.

She is also recipient of Award For Vocational Excellence presented by Rotary Club of Bombay West in the year 1999.