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Biography : Sadhana Shivdasani

sadhanaSindhi Film Actress - Fashion Icon - Mystery Girl

Sadhana Shivdasani, One of the most famous heroin of the 60's & 70's from the bollywood , shares the birth place with legendary sindhi politician Shri L. K. Advani as both were born in Karachi Sindh presently in Pakistan, the city which was also birth place of legendry Popati Hiranandani. Sadhana was born on 2 September 1941. Till the partition in 1947 she doesn't went to school as being the only child of her parents , parents were keen to look after her as the centre of their life.

The atmosphere in the Shivdasani family was conducive for the films. Some one might be surprised to know that the name Sadhana was given to her as his father's favorite heroin was Sadhana Bose. During the riot of partitions family shifted to Mumbai, Where the formal education of Sadhana was started.

During the college days, some body from the unit of India's First Sindhi Film "Abana" saw her at one of the play of college and the fifteen years young girl was offered the role of younger sister of the heroin with a remuneration of 1 lakh rupees and in this way she entered in world of her dreams.

In the 1960 she was introduced to Hilndi Film Industry by the famous producer Subodh Mukherjee in his film " Love In Simla" as the heroin of his son Joy Mukherjee. During the making of the film she falls in love with R. K. Nayyar - the 22 year young director of the film but as she was minor and her parents were not liking Nayyaer so the relation was broken. In fact it was R. K. Nayyar who had given her the special hair style, which even today is being known as the Sadhana - cut. The box office collections of the film "Love in simla" were so tremendous that Sadhana become a star. After that she acted in many films.

The trend of Chudidar Paijama, Kameez and Odani was set by her from the all time classic film "WAQT" in the 1965, during these days Raj Kapoor reintroduce her with R. K. Nayyar and both of them, this time not allowed any body to make efforts to separate them and married in 1966.

Beside becoming the fashion icon for young Indian girls with her specific hair style, still known as Sadhana cut. Besides her special hair style Sadhana was also become fashion icon for her typical style of using eye liner [Kajal], typical way of wearing Dupatta around her neck, large attractive ear rings, various of styles of Juda, Indian way of hair style, Sharara, and wearing tight sleeveless Kurta with chudidar Salvar. She also gained fame of Mystery Girl with her three suspense thriller films namely "Woh Kaun Thi" [1964], "Mera Saaya" [1965] and "Anita" [1968]. In the year 1965 she was nominated for prestigious Film Fare Award for film "Waqt".

Sadhana worked in Hindi films up to 1974 and during this period she acted in about 33 films, out of these almost 20 were the super hits.

She worked with almost all the leading hero's and directors of her time but Raj Khosala was one director with whom she has done successful films like " Woh Kaun Thi" , "Mera Saya" and "Anita", During her one of the interview she told about Raj Khosala" Our Tuning with each other is such that we feel comfortable working together, He knows my strengths and weaknesses better than any other director." Her last film was "Geeta Mera Naam" in which she performed a double role.

This was the 1968 when film industry of Mumbai had heard about the bad health of Sadhana as she was suffering from thyroid problem. It is said that this has kept on and she passed away on 25 December 2015 because of illness. 

Filmography : Sadhna

Some the successful films of Sadhana are :

1960 LOVE IN SIMLA Debut Film of Sadhana Joy Mukherjee & R. K. Nayyar [Director]
1961 HUM DONO [Dev Anand, Sadhana, Nanda ]
1962 ASLI NAQLI [Dev Anand, Sadhana, Leela Chitnis] - EK MUSAFIR EK HASINA [Sadhana, Joy Mukherjee]
1963 MERE MEHBOOB [Rajendra Kumar, Sadhana, Ameeta]
1964 DULHA DULHAN [Raj Kapoor, Sadhana] - RAJKUMAR [Shammi Kapoor, Sadhana] - WOH KOUN THI [Manoj Kumar, Sadhana, Prem Chopra]
1965 WAQT [Raj Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Sadhana]
1966 GABAN [Sunil Dutt, Sadhana] - MERA SAAYA [Sunil Dutt, Sadhana]
1967 ANITA [Manoj Kumar, Sadhana]
1969 EK PHOOL DO MALI [Sadhana, Sanjay, Balraj Sahni] - INTEQAM [Ashok Kumar, Sadhana, Dharmendra ]
1970 ISHQ PAR ZOR NAHIN [Sadhana, Dharmendra, Biswajeet]
1971 AAP AAYE BAHAAR AAYI [Rajendra Kumar, Sadhana]
1972 DIL DAULAT DUNIYA [Sadhana, Ashok Kumar, Rajesh Khanna]
1974 CHHOTE SARKAR [Shammi Kapoor (double role), Sadhana].