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Sucheta Kriplani

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sucheta_kriplaniFirst Indian Woman Chief Minister: Sucheta Kriplani

Sucheta Kriplani , Wife of Famous Socialist Sindhi Leader Acharya Kriplani, was born in a Bengali family in the year 1908 [25 June] at Ambala, presently in the Haryana State Of India.

Her father Shri S. N. Mazumdar was a government doctor but the emotions of Nationality were high in his heart, This has effected a lot to Sucheta since her childhood.

After completing education at Indraparastha College & St. Stephen's College at Delhi, She joined Banaras Hindu University in the capacity of lecturer.

She married with famous Socialist sindhi leader Acharaya Kriplani in 1936 and from here onwards her political life was started.

She become actively involved in the Indian National Congress, in fact her father's Nationalist attitude and the support of husband has inspired her for doing so. Soon she was among the top woman leaders of Indian National Congress. Ideology of Mahatma Gandhi was in the direction of her thought process and she was much impressed by the working of Mahatama Gandhi . She was not only hyper active in "Quit India" movement but was with Gandhi ji in Noakhali in the 1946. During the partition riots, she was working closely with Bapu.

The leaders who were present in the independence day session of the Constituent Assembly on 15 th August 1947 were discussing about her melodious voice for the years, as on this day she sung "Vande Matram " in the assembly. She belongs to rare selected class of Indian Women, Who contributed as the member of the subcommittee that drafted the Indian Constitution.

In the free India, She was actively involved in the politics of India's Largest State Uttara Pradesh. In the Elections of 1952 and 1957 she was elected for the Lok Sabha . She also worked as the Minister of State for the Small Scale Industries.

In the 1962 people of Kanpur elected her to represent them in the U. P. Vidhan Sabha. This was Mahatama Gandhi's Birthday [ 2nd October] in 1963 when she got the privilege of becoming First Woman Chief Minister of Any Indian State.

God always test the courage and firmness of determined persons by posing a difficult situation before them. Sucheta also has to face and tackle the ever first strike of State Employees. This strike lasted for 62 long days but Sucheta was firm on her decision of not hiking the pay of employees, finally the leaders of employees were agreed for compromise.

The success story of Sucheta Kriplani, her political journey is not just another achievement of Indian women because we have to remember she was educated in those days when women education ratio was at its lowest. A normal Indian woman was supposed to look after the house hold work and not go out even for purchasing domestic daily need goods. In those completely adverse situations Sucheta’s decision of entering into politics needs true courage in owns inner world. This was not easy to meet people spend hours and hours in listing their problems and coming out with solution specially in those days when India was untouched by waves of women liberalization and women equality .

In the 1971 she decided to retire from the politics and just three years after that, on 01 December 1974 she started here heavenly journey.