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Vasudev Devnani

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vasudev_devnaniFamous Sindhi Educationist & Politician : Proff. Vasudev Devnani

Among the Sindhi community Proff Vasudev Devnani belongs to rare class of highly educated persons and very very rare class of sindhi politicians, as being known for the business skills most of the Sindhis are giving less emphasis on higher education, though in the modern times many of sindhi businessmen are with the graduation degree.

Vasudev Devnani was born on the 11 Jan 1948 at Ajmer, city famous for Dargah of Khwaja and Tirthraj Pushkar, the city often referred as symbol of religious harmony not just in Rajasthan India, but through out the world.

Vasudev went on to complete his academic life with B. E. (Electrical) and opted to start his life with the field of education he went to become Dean of Vidhyabhan Politechnic College, Udaipur.

Destiny has started his future since from his early childhood, the days when he found interest and pleasure in working with R S S and went on to become Rajasthan state ABVP president, the post which he enjoyed for nine long years of his youth age.

His honest image among the people and dedication towards the ideology of RSS and BJP created openings for the political progress. In the year 2003, he was BJP candidate for Vidhan Sabha from the Ajmer [north] and went on to be victor with securing more than 45% of total votes and the margin of 2440 votes, by defeating the nearest rival Naren Shahani Bhagat of Congress.

BJP won the majority and Vasundhara Raje Scindia went on become first woman Chief minister of Rajasthan. Dedication tree of Vasudev Devnani again blossomed with fruit as he was appoint State Education Minister in the Scidia Cabinet, this has forced him to leave the post of Principal of Vidhya Bhawan Polytechnic College, which was held by him for 12 years.

He is married with Indira and God has blessed the couple with One Son and two daughters. His biography details as given on the official site of Rajasthan state reads like as follow

Father's Name : Late Bhawan Das
Date of Birth : 11/1/1948
Place of Birth : Ajmer
Marriage Date : 27/06/1974
Spouse's Name : Smt. Indra Devnani
Children : 1 Son(s) & 2 Daughter(s)
Academic Qualifications : B.E. (Electrical)
Occupation : Teaching
Membership of the House(s) : 12, 13
Membership of Committee : Member, Committee on Estimates "B" (2009-2010)
Member, Committee on Estimates "B" (2010-2011)
Permanent Address : Sant Kanwarraj Colony,, Fi Sagar Road, Ajmer.
Tel. No. : 0145- 2601601
Present Address : 8/9, Vidhayak Nagar (East), Jaipur.
Mobile No. : 94141-55744