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Sassi Punnu

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Legendary Sindhi Literature -Sassi Punnun - Tragic Romance of Sindh

sassi_punnuSassi Punnun is the story of eternal love and symbol for the boundary free existence of this emotion which often compared with worship the God. It is often said that it is the bodies to fall pray of death where as love is immortal and free from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Legendry tragic love story of Sassi and Punnun is classic illustration of this.

As the history said Sassi was born as the princes of Royal family of Bhambour but was left in the flow of Indus river due to astrological prediction of proving a curse to Royal pride and founded by a childless washer man, who looked after her as the blessing of God, so Sassi was brought up in a small village in the poor washer man family, with the time she grown up as one of most beautiful girl. Fame of her mesmerizing and unmatched beauty spread for miles and miles away from her village and reached to Punnun [Panhu Khan] son of King Ali Hooth [son of Mir Jalal Khan, renowned Balouch leader and father of Talpur] of Kicham (Kech).

Young prince Punnun become eager to look the mesmerising beauty in person so he decided to travel for the village of Sassi. After reaching the village he adopted trick of sending his cloths to Sassi's father for washing so that he can visit his house and have glimpse of the beauty. This was the incident of love at first sight when both meet. Knowing the status difference parents of both were not agree for the marriage. Sassi's father was first to agree though Punnun failed in the test of washing the cloth but he pleased the villagers by keeping the gold coins in the tore cloths. Royal family adopted a trick and ask Punnun to wait for marriage till his brother reach there.

Brother of Punnun reached to village of Sassi and on the first night of marriage arranged a grand celebration in the this festive mood Punnun was instated and forced to drink various kinds of drink not only by brother and some other family members, as the natural result, Punnun become intoxicated, loosing his senses. Family marched back to Kicham city with unconscious body of Punnun on camel back almost at midnight.

Sassi came to know about the incident of night on the next morning. This was a heart breaking and most abnormal news for her. Felling cheated Sassi, in the grief of separation from her lover started running towards the Kicham city. The journey was through the deserts, mountains and valleys and Sassi was barefoot but her love was insuring and prompted her to face the dangerous hazards which finally resulted as her death. On her way to Kicham, thirsty Sassi come across with hut of a shepherd asking for the drinking water, shepherd gave her drinking water but also tried to imposed his lust on her. Sassi started running away and with close eyes was praying the God for rescue, her running ended with a mountain valley.

On the other side when Punnun came back to senses he found himself at Kicham city and at once started his journey back to village of Sassi. On the journey way he learned from the shepherd about the Sassi and decided to rest forever in the same mountain valley.