Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Swami Lilashah

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lilashah01Swami Leela Shah: Gandhian Spiritual Master of Sindhis

Some people are born with purpose of living as the guiding lights for common persons. Swami Leela Shah Sahib were born in the village Mahirab of Hyderabad District [presently in the Pakistan] in the year 1880 on the 13th Day of March as the son of Shri Topandas & Sou Hemibai, a common middle class family. His Childhood name was Lelaram.

Childhood of Swamiji was cared by uncle Shri Pariyomal and aunty Samjhbai as both the parents died in the early years of childhood of swamiji. As the kid was showing comparatively less attention towards the academic activities hence uncle asked him to look after the shop and visit frequently market at Tande for the purpose of purchasing grains etc. The young heart was so merciful that it was habit to distribute edibles to poor and needy while returning back to village from the market.

Physical world was like a meaningless thing for him hence Lelaram left the home and started learning Hindi language, Swami Pramanand of Nirvan Ashram thought him about the Vedanta.

Under the able guidance of sant Keshavram sahib, Lelaram has progressing on the spiritual path. Soon he become master of "vedanta". Besides that he also gone through all other religious literature like Shrimad Bhagvat Gita, Upnishad etc. By this time people started to know him as Sadhu Lelaram after ward he become famous as Swami Leela Shah.

Gandhian thoughts impressed them so much that swami were often visiting colony of Harijans and were wearing only Khadi cloths. During their spiritual teachings swami were giving stress on the need of independence and encouraging people to support Mahatama Gandhi for that.

After the partition swami migrated to free India. it was their inspiration that at various places like Ajmer, Agra, Godhra, Ulhasnagar and Adipur etc. various social welfare institutions like "Nari Shala" "Gau Shala" become functional. Swami also worked for the elopement of social evils like the dowry system.

Swami inspired Shri Pribhdas and Shri Deepchand to publish "Vedant" related literature in Sindhi language and publish a spiritual magazine "Atam Darshan". During the stay at Uttara Kashi and Nainital swami met with a young boy named Assu, who joined them as disciple and went on to become world famous spiritual master "Assaram Bapu".

On 4th November 1973 Swami left the materialistic world for heavenly abode at Palanpur. A Memmorial of swami Leela Shah has been constructed at Adipur - Gandhidham in Gujarat.