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Umar Marvi

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About Story

Umar Marvi, yet another famous folktale of Sindh, part of Seven Tragic Romanceof Sindh, included into Shah Jo Risalo is actually story of misunderstanding and love for the native land. Marvi one among the Seven [Queens] Heroines of Sindhi literature [as mentioned by Shah Latif – famous Sindhi poet] was living in small village was unfortunately was kept as prisoner. She refused a royal life just sack of her love for native land and own people. Towards the end of story everything becomes clear, allowing her to lead a peaceful life. 

Story: Umar Marvi

Marvi was born as the daughter of Palini and Maduee living in a small village Maleer, in Thar Desert area, which was part of Kingdom of Umer Soomro. Family had enough sufficient large piece of land to be used as the farm and a heard of animals so life of family was quite comfortable. Family also has Foghsen as the servant to help and assists in the farm work.

Since the birth Marvi was considered as the beautiful girl, so when she reached to young age her beauty blossomed and her name become famous as the girls of fascinating, awesome, unmatched beauty. Foghsen could resist to this beauty around and fall prey to infatuation of Marvi, even being farm work helper he took risk of asking for the marriage with Marvi.

Father Piliani not just refused proposal but in no time made arrangement for the engagement of Marvi with Khesten. This happening proved oil for the jealousy fire of Foghsen and tempted him for taking revenge. As he was not able to be prove any harm for the Marvi or family by his own so he approach to King Umar with excessive and vivid description of beauty of Marvi. This was success of vocabulary powers of Foghsen that Umar become eager to take Marvi as his queen even without seeing her.

When Umar reached to village, Marvi was going alone to fetch water from the well outside the village. Umar kidnapped her and brought to Umarkot. As Marvi refused the proposal of Umar so he was kept almost as the prisoner at Umarkot. It has passed a long time even the winter turns into rainy season but all the temptations, glimpses of Royal life, luxuriant gifts proved of no use as Marvi was determined to return back to her native place and spent life with Khesten, with whom she was engaged.

This was almost the end point of patience of Umar when he came to know that during the childhood he and Marvi have taken milk from same nurse so in a way he is brother of Marvi. In repentance of the sin committed by him Umar not just freed Marvi but sent him back to Maleer with lots of Money, Gold and other things as the gift from brother.

On returning to village Marvi found that not just Khesten, with whom she was engaged is suspicious about her chastity but other community members and villagers are not paying the same respect and affection which she was used to get from them in the past. All this news reached to Umar who decided to come to Maleer and clarify every doubt about the Marvi.

As the Umar was with his army so when he reached, villagers thought he came to attack them. Marvi went to Umar and said that first he committed a crime and he came to attack her village. Umar narrated him aim of coming and before the gathering of villagers told that he will hold red hot Iron rod in his hand, his unharmed hand will be the proof of purity of Marvi. Marvi said this is not he but as she is under the doubt clouds so she will undergo this trial. As after holding the red hot Iron rod hand of Marvi were unscathed so everybody was satisfied and Marvi lived a happy life ever after this.