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Biography World

Biography World

bio_homeThe Sindhu World is offering one of the biggest online source for the biographies of famous and eminent personalities of Sindhi Samaj. Starting From Sindhi Saints,  the section is inclusive of Biographies of famous and popular Sindhi authors, Sindhi poets, Sindhi politicians, Sindhis from their non traditional field performing arts, though after the independence of country a considerable number of Sindhis is active at film industry and fashion industry of India.

We at The Sindhu World hold very strong point of the view that biographies are not just a document describing life journeys but eventually a biography is reflecting complete socio economic and cultural life style of a community in a specific time spawn. Most of the times biography of an eminent personality proves a very good guiding teacher and very rich source of inspiration for the younger generations.

Here we are concentrating more on Sindhis from India. This is real huge success for the community forced to migrate empty handed and resettled on the land with very poor socio cultural roots. Today in India, most of prominent financers of bollywood, Hindi Film & Television industry of India, are Sindhi, majority of brokers at stock exchange are Sindhis and a lot of Sindhi youth is holding key position in the entertainment and performing art industry.

Beside the traditional trading of Goods, people of Sindhi Community are also appear to be on the leading fronts like politics, Sports and literature.

Sindhi Shan

After the partition Sindhis, forced to migrate, were in the status of scattered population through out the India and World. The process of restarting life with bare foot and stage of non shelter and reaching to one of the prosperous and successful business community of the country in these 70 odd years was not a smooth one, a lot of pains and round the clock hard work are the key to this success story of Sindhis in India.

A quite considerable number of people worked for this transfusion with lot of dedication and efforts for the betterment and progress of community without any recognition. Recognition is not just a token of services rendered for the welfare of society/ community but also a mark of respect. Recognition is gratitude expressed by the community/ society towards the savior. Recognition is not just moral booster for the achiever but also works as the instrumental inspiration for others.

Certainly you will agree with us that being much scattered in population, either our social workers remain deprived of deserved recognition for their services rendered for the social and cultural development and progress of Sindhi community or most of times remains unfamiliar for the Sindhi beyond that particular small area.

Team The Sindhu World salutes these unsung Sindhi Heroes and honoring them with title Sindhi Shan. Description of Life and works of most of these Sindhi society jewels is given on various Directory pages [city wise], though a few might be included in the biography section with the title Sindhu Ratan. Do remember we are more concentrating on the Sindhi people born in India or worked for Sindhi in India. This will be integral part of every city page included on this website. 
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